Kovanaze — A “Needle Free” Alternative

Kovanaze can help make your dental or cosmetic procedure less painful and less worrisome. Dentist Joel Carangelo, a leading dentist in the Rochester, NY area, understands that for some people, perhaps the only thing worse than going to the dentist is going to the dentist and getting a needle in your mouth.

But instead of using a needle to numb your mouth, Dr. Carangelo can use Kovanaze: a “needle-free” form of anesthesia. It’s a spray mist and works much like a nasal inhaler.

Is Kovanaze Safe and Effective?

In 2016, the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine conducted a clinical study of Kovanaze (tetracaine HCl and oxymetazoline HCl). Dr. Elliot V. Hersh, the lead author of the study, explained how Kovanaze was found to be safe and effective.

Kovanaze has also been approved by the FDA. And it’s easy to use. The typical dose for adults requires one spray in each nostril, and then another spray in each nostril about four or five minutes later. Aside from being an effective anesthetic, Dr. Hersh explained how it can also help allay the fear of needles or injections, which for some people is perhaps the most painful and worrisome part of a visit to the dentist.

And in terms of ease of use and effectiveness, perhaps a quote from Dr. Hersh best sums up Kovanaze: “There is really nothing else like this out there.”

Kovanaze provides regional anesthesia with 96% efficacy in the upper front teeth; therefore, Kovanaze offers a needle-free alternative to the majority of anterior maxillary injections, which means for many dental procedures, getting a needle to numb your mouth could become a thing of the past.

Find Out If Kovanaze Works for You & Your Family

Kovanaze has been approved for adults. And since Kovanaze has also been approved for children, it can be a safe, effective alternative for kids – and will help make going to the dentist less worrisome and more stress-free.

Dr. Carangelo and the staff at BayRidge Dental can further explain whether Kovanaze is right for any dental procedure you or your family may need. After using Kovanaze for some time now, Dr. Carangelo states, “It’s a game-changer, particularly for easier procedures performed on the front teeth. Anesthetic in this area can be tender, but with Kovanaze, it is avoided, along with the dreaded droopy lip and lingering sensation of the anesthetic.”

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