At BayRidge Dental Care, we want you to have access to the care that you deserve. From insurance to our own dental discount plan, we accept a variety of financial options to meet your needs. One of these options is Compassionate Finance™, a company specializing in medical financing.

How it works

Compassionate Finance™ makes the best care to everyone. They make every procedure affordable by offering customized payment plans for all patients seeking quality care. Their cloud-based approval process is instantaneous and every patient can qualify with just an active bank account. The personalized payment plans provide flexible payment terms, fixed interest rates, and allow patients to pick the plan that works best for them.

Whether you need a procedure not covered by insurance or an aesthetic procedure you’ve always wanted — Compassionate Finance™ can help you feel and look your best! Any major medical or dental procedure is covered.

Why Choose Compassionate Finance™?

Compassionate Finance™ understands that you deserve the best quality care … you just want it to be affordable. Thousands of patients like you have already received the quality treatment they deserve from a Compassionate Finance™ preferred provider. Better yet, you’re automatically pre-qualified for an affordable and flexible payment plan, so apply today.

Compassionate Finance™ offers:

  • Easy Approval Process
  • Affordable Payments Terms
  • No Hidden Fees

To get started, click the “Apply Now” button above.