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Finding A Dentist…

“Find a Dentist Near Me”—it’s a phrase many tech-savvy people use when trying to find a dentist. Whether asking Siri, Cortana, or other smartphone technology, using the phrase “Find a dentist near me” can be helpful. But there’s much more involved in finding the right dentist, especially when it comes to complete dental care.

Word of Mouth?

Back in the “old days” before smartphones and search-assistant technology, people relied upon “word of mouth” (pun pretty much intended). Whether a co-worker, relative, or friend, their experiences at the dentist’s office were important when trying to find the best dentist.

Nowadays, in modern times (aka, since the release of the iPhone 4S in 2011), it seems people are relying more and more upon smartphones and search-assistants to help make the choices for them. And as more of us ask “Find a ‘whatever’ near me”—we’re relying more upon digital convenience (and whatever algorithms, advertising, and AI behind the scenes have in store for us).

Yet it’s perhaps even more important to know the difference between findinga dentist—and choosingthe best dentist for you or your family.

The Right Dentist: The Difference Between “Finding” and Choosing

Dentist Dr. Carangelo of BayRidge Dental in Webster, NY is all about technology. And he uses state-of-the-art equipment and procedures to provide the utmost dental care for his patients.

However, Dr. Carangelo advises that when choosing a dentist, and not just “finding” one, it’s always best to ask around, and ask questions.

Smart Questions to Ask After You “Find a Dentist”

Here are some important questions to ask before choosing a dentist…

1. How are the dentist’s social media ratings and reviews?

At the least, Dr. Carangelo recommends reading the reviews of actual patients, before choosing a dentist. Even by just skimming through social media reviews, you’ll likely get a better picture of the quality of care that a dentist provides (by the way, here are some actual reviews for Dr. Carangelo and BayRidge Dental).

2. Does the dentist provide comprehensive care?

But don’t just trust whatever a smartphone or social media has to say.

Contact the dentist’s office and ask about the specific services they provide. Are they dental specialists? Oral surgeons? Do they provide comprehensive dental care for you and your family? Are they part of a qualified network and able to provide convenient referrals? What about cosmetic dental and restorative dental?

As Dr. Carangelo points out, it’s important to know the actual services a dentist provides. While relying upon “find a dentist near me” may be convenient, it may not help you find a dentist that provides the dental care you need (now or in the future).

3. What about dental Insurance?

Likewise, be smart and find out exactly the types of insurance a dentist’s office accepts—and if they offer payment plansif you’re uninsured. So while you may have “found a dentist,” make sure you understand your dental plan and any co-payments before choosing a dentist, especially since it may cost you in more ways than one.

4. Does the dentist provide emergency dental services?

Being prepared is a good thing. And it’s best to be prepared for dental emergencies. So take the time to “find a dentist near you,” ask these and other important questions—and keep the number of a qualified dentist in your contact list.

And as a reminder, you may already have a dentist who you visit regularly for check-ups and teeth cleanings—just make sure your dentist is in your contact list.

5. Is the dentist family friendly?

A good dentist may be hard to find, especially one that provide complete and comfortable care for your whole family. Aside from convenience, there are many benefits to having a family dentist, as Dr. Carangelo points out.

So before choosing a dentist, make sure they can provide the necessary care for you—and your family.


These are just some of the important questions to ask when choosing the right dentist. And if you’re trying to “find a dentist near me” in Webster, NY in the greater Rochester area, use these very questions to consider BayRidge Dental:

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