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Teeth Whitening Systems Available Through BayRidge Dental

One of the quickest ways to restore confidence in your smile is to whiten your teeth! Whitening (or bleaching) can lift stains and yellowing that appear over time. Marks from coffee, tea, smoking, and certain foods can be removed by using one of the several teeth whitening systems that BayRidge Dental offers our patient base. Bleaching can also help to blend in white spots from acidic foods or orthodontia.

The causes for discolored teeth with brown or yellow spots are the following factors:

  • Dark-colored food and drinks (coffee, tea, red wine) or artificial coloring.
  • Nicotine use
  • Tartar build-up from poor oral hygiene, being very ill, diabetes, or hormone changes. Dry mouth from medication can also be a factor.
  • Decay
  • Aging from enamel degradation
  • Genetic tooth coloring
  • Medications
  • Too much fluoride in children

Fortunately, we have many ways of reducing or eliminating stains and dark spots or blending in white streaks for an even color. Sometimes tooth discoloration can be permanent. Some examples are celiac disease, decay, and fluorosis. In these situations,  veneers or white composite fillings are options for correcting permanent discoloration.

At BayRidge Dental, we have a variety of options for our patients, depending on the degree and speed of whitening desired.

  • ZOOM! Chairside application in our office. Typically, only one visit is needed. This is the strongest bleaching process we offer and uses blue LED technology and a powerful hydrogen peroxide solution for up to 60 minutes.
  • ZOOM! at-home gel in custom trays. An office visit to create the trays from a mold of your teeth is required and you then apply the gel yourself. Typically, a daily application of 30-40 minutes for 10-14 days will significantly whiten your smile
  • GO bleaching strips with carbamide peroxide. The most gentle option and requires more applications. Bleach impregnated strips are applied to the teeth for 30-60 minutes for 10 days.

Things to be aware of before you bleach your teeth:

Some products can cause tooth sensitivity or gum tissue irritation, so we recommend that you follow directions closely with the at-home options and inform your dentist if you encounter any problems. You can also use toothpaste created for sensitive teeth to help decrease sensation while undergoing whitening treatments. If you experience sensitivity during whitening, rest assured it is only temporary and reversible.

Gum sensitivity can be mostly avoided with a chair-side application, as your tissue is protected during the treatment.

Using OTC Whitening Products

We do not recommend harsh whitening products containing charcoal, which is highly abrasive to enamel. Tooth enamel cannot be repaired, so talk with Dr. Carangelo about the best bleaching approach for your situation.

Insurance Coverage

Bleaching is a cosmetic process and is typically not covered by insurance. 

We’re here to help you improve your self-confidence and make the right choices  – without pressure or hassles. 

Call or send us an email to set up an appointment to discuss your bleaching options today!