The Benefits of a Family Dentist

Healthier Teeth – For You & Your Children

Did you know that Dr. Carangelo at BayRidge Dental in Webster, NY provides excellent dental care for adults, children, and families?

Dr. Carangelo provides excellent dental care for patients of every age – including children – and specializes in providing complete family dental care.

Which is good news considering some of the many benefits of having a family dentist…

Get A Better Picture of Your Family’s Dental Health

For one thing, a family dentist can help you see the big picture of your family’s dental health. This is something that many families lack, especially when one parent sees a particular dentist, the other parent sees another dentist, and the kids see their own children’s dentist.

Of course, for certain dental procedures, a child should see a pediatric dental specialist. And Dr. Carangelo is part of a trusted network of dentists in the greater Rochester area that includes pediatric dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, and other dental care specialists.

Yet a family dentist can help better understand your family’s dental health – plus the specific needs of each family member. For example, a family dentist can help you understand how family schedules, brushing habits, and even certain foods and family dinners can affect different members of your family in different ways.

Learn Better Dental Habits That Work for You and the Kids

Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at night may work for you. But your child may need to brush and floss after every meal – even immediately after eating certain foods. Having a family dentist like Dr. Carangelo can help you establish good dental health habits that work for every member of your family.

Re-think Family Meals & Snacks (and Avoid “Hidden” Causes of Cavities)
Likewise, while a particular snack or beverage may be just fine for adults, it may pose problems for younger teeth and gums. For example, certain fruits, juice drinks – even a glass of water with a splash of lemon – can all pose problems for healthy teeth, according to the American Dental Association (ADA).

Some fruit drinks can erode enamel and cause cavities, especially on younger teeth. Ditto for “healthier” things, such as trail mix, raisins, and gummy vitamins, all of which can cause children’s cavities and pose challenges for keeping kids’ teeth and gums healthy. Even that so-called “healthy glass of milk” contains (lactose) sugar, which can pose problems for children’s teeth and gums.

Fortunately, as a family dentist, Dr. Carangelo can help you make sense of it all – with complete dental services, advice, and guidance for your whole family.

Set a Better Example with Help from Your Family Dentist

Dr. Carangelo can also help you establish good habits to take care of your own teeth, while helping to set a good example for your kids as well. And speaking of setting a good example, oftentimes there’s no better way to help kids understand the importance of taking care of their teeth – and getting regular teeth cleanings – than by conveniently scheduling your cleanings at the same time.

Of course, you can stay with your toddler or younger children while Dr. Carangelo and his team of licensed dental hygienists examine and clean their teeth. That’s just a routine part of how
Dr. Carangelo provides calm, comfortable dental care for children. And scheduling visits back-to-back is easy.

Yet older children may find also comfort in knowing that you’re just in the next room getting a teeth cleaning, while they’re getting their teeth cleaned at the same time. It’s also a great way to set an example and help older children establish better dental care habits for themselves. And scheduling dental appointments for you and the kids at the same time can be a great way to lead by example and help set good, life-long dental habits.

Get Flexible, Convenient Scheduling for Your Family

And to help you do just that, dentist Dr. Carangelo and BayRidge Dental provide flexible, convenient scheduling for family visits to the dentist. They provide complete family dentistry services, including routine teeth cleanings, dental x-rays, root canals, cosmetic dentistry, and more.

Schedule a dental appointment for you, your children, or your family.