dental exams explained

Dental Exams Explained:

What’s Really Going On During A Dental Exam

For many of us, a dental checkup can seem like a strange ritual of sorts – or sorcery of some kind. After all, how else can you explain, something that typically happens just twice a year and involves bright lights, putting mirrors in your mouth, and rinsing in a mysteriously tiny sink?

But seriously, a dental checkup is one of the most important things you can do not only for great teeth and a terrific smile but for staying healthy in general. Dentist Dr. Carangelo of BayRidge Dental (in Webster, NY) explains what’s really going on during your dental checkup. 

Beyond looking for cavities, comprehensive dental exams and checkups are an important part of maintaining your overall health – and preventative health care, according to the Mayo Clinic. According to Dr. Carangelo, a thorough dental checkup involves several key steps, including the following:

A Dental Checkup/Health Review

Allergies, a new diet, prescription medication, a new job or work schedule – all of these factors can influence your oral hygiene and your overall health.

That’s why Dr. Carangelo and other leading dentists begin a thorough dental exam with a health review to help you better understand factors that may affect your teeth and health, and better understand any necessary precautions, so you can stay healthy.

Teeth Cleaning & Plaque Removal

Before a dentist can conduct a more thorough examination of your teeth and gums, a dental hygienist will look at your teeth and gums, remove any plaque, and clean your teeth. Of course, the hygienist will be on the lookout for any sores and swelling behind and in between your teeth and gums, and will look closely at the overall condition of your teeth and gums.

Examination of Your Mouth, Teeth, Gums & More

OK, this is the part of your dental checkup where the “magical” mirrors come in…

Now that your teeth have been cleaned, it’s time for a more thorough dental examination. And if there’s any magic involved, this is the part when Dr. Carangelo puts years of training, experience, and dentistry expertise into practice – by taking a careful, comprehensive look inside your mouth. It’s not only about looking for problems with your teeth and gums, it’s about preventing them as well, and Dr. Carangelo looks for even the slightest indications of potential gum disease, or teeth and gum loss, and any other concerns that may affect your health.

Dental Tests, Treatments & X-Rays

If any concerns arise during your dental exam, Dr. Carangelo will perform any additional tests, apply any necessary treatments, and (painlessly) take and review X-rays as needed. Dental

X-rays may also be required to better understand some of the underlying factors of your oral health, such as bone, jaw, or other abnormalities below your visible gum line, or to take a more careful look at your jaw bone density, alignment, or other aspects. Dental X-rays are particularly important if we are prone to teeth grinding, oral cancer, or other dental concerns, or more necessary in general as we get older.

Specific Recommendations for You & Your Teeth

For most of us, a routine dental checkup ends with a fresh start – brighter, cleaner-feeling teeth and gums. And sure, we’ve all heard the typical reminders about keeping our teeth clean and healthy time and again: “avoid sweets,” “skip the seventh cup of coffee,” etc.).

However, at the end of your dental checkup, Dr. Carangelo and the staff at BayRidge Dental will offer specific recommendations and advice – based specifically upon your teeth and your personal health.

And of course, the staff at BayRidge Dental will make it easy for you to schedule any necessary follow-up procedures, or conveniently schedule your next teeth cleaning and dental checkup.